3Gtms allows Shippers to use shipping software logistics as a competitive advantage instead of having logistics limit what a company can do

3Gtms shipping software empowers today’s logistics professional to minimize transportation costs across an ever changing and complex ecosystem


3Gtms flagship shipping software solution, 3G-TM, is architected to drive and manage savings by:

    • Supporting transportation networks that incorporate both private fleets and common carriers
    • Handles complex domestic routing to take advantage of multi-stop, multi-leg and various pool point strategies
    • Leveraging the most powerful algorithms that allow you to consider more constraints in the planning process
    • Incorporate last minute changes with a dynamic planning tool embedded in the execution process
    • Rapid implementation → Simple system integration Faster time to value → Superior ROI


Achieve Freight Cost Savings

  • TL/LTL/Parcel
  • Complex Routings, Multistop, Pool Points
  • Executable shipments

Improve Efficiency

  • “Single Click Planning”
  • Automated Shipment

Manage Real World Dynamics

  • Increase Shipment Visibility
  • Last Minute Order Management