The transportation world has changed dramatically for transport Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) over the past 5-10 years

The lines between 3PLs, Brokers, Asset Based Carriers and Freight Forwarders are blurring and their customers are requiring a broader scope of service offering, for example:

  • 3PLs are adding brokerage, while Brokers are adding Managed Transportation services
  • Asset Based Carriers are adding both
  • Shippers transportation managers perform both services internally and they are adding fleets

3Gtms is the only company to have anticipated this “blurring of lines” to architect a TMS software solution (3G-TM) to address all transport Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) needs on one single platform and:

    • Improve the ability to profitably manage buy and sell side activities
    • Seamlessly handle complex domestic routing (multi-stop; multi-leg; pool points)
    • Incorporate last minute changes with a dynamic planning tool embedded in the execution process
    • Incorporate both private fleets and common carriers on one platform
    • Provide both web services and tariff rating
    • Support the ability to rapidly on-board new clients

3G-TM TMS Capabilities for LSPs

multi-legManage Multi-Leg, Multi-Mode, Time-Phased Planning & Execution

3G-TM’s advanced algorithm considers everything to move freight – all modes, carriers, multi-stop and pool distribution – providing the most comprehensive rating and pricing management on the market.

last-minuteHandle Last Minute Order Changes

Order changes are the norm, not the exception. 3G-TM has been fundamentally designed with real-time data and order information. No deleting the full order and starting over again. 3G-TM allows you to change an order throughout the entire routing process up until the order is shipped

spot-quotes-transport-logisticsHandle Spot Quotes

3G-TM manages spot quotes, including brokerage, buy & sell side, historical quote analysis and direct quotes from carriers. This is tied into an execution system that checks carrier insurance and rate confirmations.

flexible-billing-transport-logisticsFlexible Billing Capabilities

3G-TM supports whatever pricing works best for you. On the sell-side you can mirror costs, or be aggressive in your pricing to win new business. On the buy-side it can reflect whatever pricing the carrier’s provide. 3G-TM gives you ultimate pricing flexibility.

on-boarding-transport-logisticsAbility to Do New Client On boarding

3G-TM has a built-in self-service tool for the integration of our carriers and clients, on your own schedule. Templates exist that you can use, whether for ERP or EDI data, to make on-boarding easier, less expensive and faster then ever before.

security-transport-logisticsSecurity Between Customers

Customer data is kept completely separate, yet 3G-TM lets you manage clients together allowing for consolidation of shipments, analysis and cost savings.