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Introducing Continuous Pool Optimization: Putting Creativity to Work in Transportation

TMS innovation never ends because there are always new challenges and complexities emerging in the market, and continuous pool optimization is the latest example of


Challenges, Solutions to Cross-Border eCommerce

If you have any role in the transportation or logistics industries, you’re likely aware of how eCommerce is challenging the traditional approaches to fulfillment and


Why the Most Basic TMS Questions are the Best Questions

There are lots of considerations when buying a TMS, but one of the fundamental questions is: “Just what exactly is a TMS? What should I


Defining “Multimodal TMS”

The core job of a TMS is to move an order through your system and settle it in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Exactly how


Supply Chain Trends and the Impact of TMS

Thanks to the fast-paced nature of the supply chain, we’re inundated with buzzwords and trend-grabbing headlines wherever we look. This report from EFT and sponsored by


3Gtms Expands Partnership with SMC3 for LTL Rating and Transit Data

3Gtms Expands Partnership with SMC3 for LTL Rating and Transit Data TMS customers get powerful API solutions to optimize the LTL shipment lifecycle Shelton, Conn.