Our flagship TMS software product, 3G-TM, delivers a comprehensive, end to end, transportation lifecycle management solution.

3G-TM includes all transportation functions from the time the order was created in the ERP through to delivery & financial settlement

The objective of 3G-TM is to achieve savings on freight costs while meeting your customer’s service level requirements

3G-TM is the only single platform solution encompassing:

  • Electronic or web services based order capture
  • Vendor and customer collaboration
  • Customer and carrier contract management
  • Electronic routing guide management
  • Mode and service level selection
  • Optimal carrier selection
  • Multi-stop TL, LTL & pool distribution optimization
  • Carrier tendering (EDI, Carrier portal, Email)
  • Spot market integration
  • Status tracking and automated alerts
  • Freight audit
  • eMatch & Pay or Auto-Pay
  • Operational & scorecard reporting

Achieving Value With TMS Software

A plan’s results are valuable only if you can run the model’s recommendations and if the costs truly represent the variable that you are trying to minimize. 3G-TM differentiates itself by producing an executable plan generated with full constraint based planning and embedded rating to consider all possible options with true costs. Actually achieving saving on freight costs while meeting your customer’s service level requirements with our TMS software.

Core benefits of 3G-TM include the following:

Feature Benefits Value Impact
Load Consolidation & Routing Consolidate smaller shipments into larger loads – lower cost/cwt 3 – 8% reduction in annual freight spend
Mode & Carrier Selection Compare cost across modes & carrier to find lowest cost option 2 – 4% reduction in annual freight spend
Freight Settlement/Audit Reduce payment processing costs
Recover fees from incorrect invoices
1 – 3% reduction in annual freight spend
Shipment Execution Automate repetitive tasks
Manage by exception
5 – 12% reduction in overhead costs
Performance Improvement & Monitoring Capture internal/external performance metrics
Fact-based continuous improvement
4 – 8% reduction in annual freight spend
Contract Management Maintain accurate rates
Accurately record accessorials
3 – 6% reduction in overhead costs