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We are 3Gtms, the next generation of transportation management software

“Our top-tier transportation management software system, 3G-TM, delivers a competitive advantage for today’s logistics professional based on 3G’s extensive industry.”, Mitch Weseley, CEO 3Gtms fleet management software.

  • Best Execution Options with our Advanced Planning Algorithms
  • Actual/Dynamic Pricing embedded in the Rating Engine
  • Architected to support omni-channel, mobility & web service requirements

“I’ve been involved in implementing and managing TMS systems for 30 years. In that time I have not seen a system that was built on as rich of an architecture as 3G-TM …” Bill Grannis, Director of Information Technology at ODW Logistics

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3Gtms is a Transportation Management System (TMS) software development company launched in 2013 by Mitch Weseley. 3Gtms has the first and only TMS solution designed to solve today’s problems with today’s technology.


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The 3Gtms Team is responsible for delivering almost all of the TMS fleet management software innovations in the industry’s history over the past 25 years.


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Enable Customers to use logistics as a competitive advantage instead of having logistics limit what a company can do.


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